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“Play It Safe” Safety Initiative — CSX Beyond Our Rails

[“Play It Safe Around Railroad Tracks” saying in yellow on black with CSX logo]

Our Commitment

Since 2004, CSX has rigorously pursued safety improvements in all aspects of its operations and has enhanced efforts to educate our communities on rail-related hazards. The Play It Safe campaign stresses the importance of staying safe around trains and tracks.

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Tips for Staying Safe Around Tracks & Trains

  1. Always look out for warning signs and signals.
  2. Always assume there is a train coming. Also, always look both ways before crossing. Trains can run on any track at any time.
  3. Don’t get stopped on the tracks. Before you cross, make sure there is enough room for your vehicle on the other side. You should leave at least 15 feet between the end of your vehicle and the tracks.
  4. If your vehicle stalls on a crossing, get everyone out immediately. Also, make sure you are far away from the tracks even if you don’t see a train. Call the emergency notification number posted on or near the crossing or local law enforcement.
  5. Trains cannot stop quickly. The average freight train traveling 55 miles per hour takes a mile or more to stop.
  6. Watch for vehicles that must come to a full stop at railroad crossings. These vehicles can include school buses, commercial buses and trucks carrying hazardous materials. (State laws vary.)
  7. Never try to beat a train across the tracks. There is no reason to risk your life for a few extra minutes.
  8. Please report any and all problems.

Always use caution and remember to “Play It Safe” around railroad tracks.