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Trees for Tracks

Lexington, KY
Saturday, November 5th, 2011

Legacy Trail is a 12-mile multi-use trail beginning east of downtown Lexington and running to the Kentucky Horse Park. Volunteers from CSX, Lexmark and the community planted trees in an 11-acre field adjacent to the trail.

Event Statistics

Trees Planted 656

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  • a man sits on the grass
  • a man in a brown hoodie and glasses speaks in front of a crowd of volunteers
  • two man work to shovel a mulched area
  • a man and daughter plant a sapling
  • three men stand with a dedication plaque that reads “Trees for Tracks”
  • three man stand while holding up an immature tree
  • a group of volunteers stand together in a field
  • a volunteer kneels with a chainsaw to clear brush away from trees
  • a man in a bright yellow jacket works in soil
  • several volunteers work in a field
  • a worker bends over to remove debris from a wooded area
  • two volunteers stand next to each other, one with gloves and the other with a large tool