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Non-Profit Assistance

CSX provides non-profit assistance and support in a variety of ways. If you are a non-profit in need of support, please read about the types of assistance we provide and download our Giving Guidelines. Once you are ready to apply, click the orange "Apply Online" button below to get started.

Non-Profit Grants

CSX makes donations to organizations that are eligible to receive charitable donations and that support causes that align with our community focus areas.

In-Kind Transportation

CSX donates its cars and rails to provide free transportation of goods for qualifying non-profit organizations throughout its rail system. Learn More >

In-Kind Services and Products

CSX occasionally donates materials, supplies and used railroad equipment based on availability, including used intermodal containers and rail cars.


CSX and its more than 30,000 employees take great pride in the work they do in their communities. Organizations in need of volunteers can become eligible to receive volunteer support and can also qualify for matching funds up to $400 per volunteer.


CSX recognizes sponsorships as an important way to support the communities in which it operates. We consider sponsorship of events and programs that support our community focus areas.

Our Giving Process

Review the four stages of the CSX Giving Process to gain an understanding of how it works. Learn More >

Partner Grants

See how our support has helped fund grants that will align with our core mission and values. Learn More >