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CSX considers requests that are fully tax-deductible under IRS guidelines.


CSX considers sponsorship requests that are partially tax-deductible.


CSX considers volunteer events to be posted for its employees.

In-Kind Transportation

CSX considers transportation service within its rail network.

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Our Giving Process: Quality, Evaluate, Notify, and Report
Our Giving Process: Quality, Evaluate, Notify, and Report

CSX Step Details

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Step 1 Qualify

Requirements: Grant, sponsorship, volunteer, and in-kind transportation requests are welcome year-round. See Giving Guidelines on the left for eligibility standards and use links to the left to apply.

Step 2 Evaluate

CSX Evaluation: CSX is pleased to consider all organizations that meet eligibility requirements. The complete grant/sponsorship review process is typically 90 days. In-kind transportation and volunteer-specific requests are generally evaluated within 10 days.

Step 3 Notify

Notification: Grant and Sponsorship applicants receive written correspondence indicating the funding decision and the amount of support within the 90 day period. Decisions on in-kind transportation and volunteer requests are generally made and communicated within 10 days of receipt. Grant and sponsorship checks are typically included in decision notification letters when funding has been approved.

Step 4 Report

Partner Report: CSX is interested in your success. Within one year of receiving CSX support, recipient organizations are asked to complete a written evaluation of their key accomplishments tied to the resources that CSX contributed.